MT940 @Bankfiles connector with ING bank files coming from Exact OnLine

Since yesterday I’m using Query Tool 20.2.112 (PROD-2206) to parse ING Bank files with the Invantive MT940 driver downloaded from Exact OnLine like described here

It seems that ING format is a bit exotic compared to ABN and MT940 as hard time to find EndToEndReference, ReferenceAccountOwner, RemittanceInformation
with some Unparseable information

Is Invantive eager to review this in order to make MT940 driver better?

If yes I can send you some files.

We can try; SWIFT MT940 was on day 1 a fixed standard, but has numerous bank-specific interpretations.

Please send a representative sample file by email.

juste to make sure you have received the ING .bas files examples by email on 16/02/2022. Once Invantive makes an update on the MT940 driver I’ll test that right away.