Very high numbers of Autotask rows

The downloads of Autotask-tables such as:

  • TicketNotes
  • ContractServiceUnits
  • ContractServices
  • Tickets

takes very long. In Bridge Online Monitoring it says there are millions of these.

Is that correct? In Autotask there are less.

Through Delegation we have executed the following queries:

select *
from ContractServiceUnitsCount

select *
from ticketscount

select * from ticketnotescount@at

select * from ContactsCount@at

select * from ContractServicesCount@at

These queries on Autotask are a fast way to determine the data volume. However, the number of rows reported are a lot less than millions. A further analysis will be made to research the cause of this problem.

The root cause has been established and solved. A corrected version has already been taken into production on Bridge Online.

The problem has been resolved and was caused by an endless loop under specific circumstances. Our apologies for the inconvenience caused!