What is the lifetime of an OAuth access token on Atlassian JIRA, Service Desk and Confluence?

The lifetime of an access token is 60 minutes for all of JIRA Cloud, JIRA Service Desk and Confluence.

All these three Atlassian product use OAuth for user authentication. Both the Code Grant Flow with a refresh token and the Implicit Grant Flow are supported. Both provide an access token. An access token has a relatively short lifetime and on JIRA, JIRA Service Desk and Confluence is 60 minutes.

On Invantive Cloud refresh tokens can be generated through the screen “Pre-authentication” for your own client ID and also for Invantive products.

When registering a JIRA database for Power BI a refresh token is also automatically generated and stored in an encrypted format.

The lifetime of an access token on JIRA is also visible in Invantive Cloud on the data container:

JIRA access token lifetime in seconds