When does QueryTool load settings.xml (appication startup, re-connection, Discovery)

A small question concerning Query Tool and the settings*.xml file.

It seems that the settings.xml gets loaded only at application startup.

When changes are made to the file, disconnecting and reconnecting from the databases does not reflect the changes made in the file. That’s ok.

But when trying the Discover Database tool (and when clicking reload) it does not work neither.

The only way is to restart Query Tool.

Am I correct / is this intended ?

In my case, testing and modifying my settings.xml file requires each time to close and re-open the application.

The settings*.xml files define the available Invantive SQL-databases. Some products use alternative means to define databases; they can also be defined using program code such as in C# or taken from a meta-database such as on Invantive Cloud.

The settings*.xml-files are scanned for on various moment from a product such as the Invantive Query Tool:

  • initial application or add-in startup
  • display log on window

During scanning, depending on the configuration, files with invalid XML or unreadable files can be ignored or raising an exception. Therefor always check the validity of the XML in case a new database definition is not displayed. When errors are ignored, they are always logged to the Invantive trace.

The Discovery Databases-button does not itself trigger scanning of the settings*.xml-files. However, it may update the file settings-discovery-RELEASE.xml. Upon closure of Discovery Databases, the log on window is displayed, including full scanning of the settings*.xml files.

After scanning, new databases are automatically displayed. However, even in 22.0.44, changes in a data container such as altering the connection string are not reflected in the tool and require a restart.

The origin of a database can be found by hovering with the mouse over the database in the log on window. It displays the source file used for extracting the database definition from.

Starting release 22.0.45 changes are automatically incorporated of previously existing data containers of databases upon scanning.