Announcement: end support Internet Explorer 8 for new releases in 2012

Current support Internet Explorer 8

The Invantive products work on different browsers, like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. Both past and upcoming releases of 2011 also work on Internet Explorer 8.
Also Microsoft has not been idle since they brought Internet Explorer 8 on the market. Internet Explorer 9 is now available for Windows Vista and Windows 7. Internet Explorer 10 is currently being worked on. The competing browsers Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari have a head start in the area of performance and graphics capabilities.

New web interface for Invantive Estate and Invantive Vision
Our relations have asked us to make the web interface of Invantive Estate and Invantive Vision more visually appealing. For this reason we have started a project for a new web front-end that works more intuitive but still offers more user options.

End support Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 8 has the possibility to realize an improved web interface. But these possibilities make the use of the alternative browsers Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari difficult. The use on an Apple iPad is also not without difficulties. Therefore it is decided that versions of Invantive Estate and Vision that become available from 2012, no longer work together with Internet Explorer 8.

Current versions of Invantive Estate and Invantive Vision remain working with Internet Explorer as long as these versions still provide maintenance by Invantive. So you do not have switch to a different version of Internet Explorer or an alternative browser any time soon.

Once you implement a new version of Invantive Estate or Invantive Vision in 2012, you need to switch to Internet Explorer 9, or an alternative browser like Google Chrome.

Windows XP and Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 9 is not delivered by Microsoft for Windows XP and there are no plans for this. If you do not want to switch from Windows XP to Windows 7, then we recommend the use of Firefox or Google Chrome.