Autotask string fields in hexadecimal

I have noticed in Power BI that Autotask puts out HEX fields where fields such names, titles, descriptions etc i.e. string fields are utilized.

I am trying to determine how to interpret these fields.

Are they keys into another table to access the string data or does this HEX data mean something that requires to be interpreted.

Can you provide an example?

Text fields seem to just contain text as here in the list of companies on Invantive Query Tool:


Is it possible for you to try with the Power BI connector to see if you get the same?

Yes, but for that there is a need for some more context. The example given above is actual output from the Autotask-driver.

Can you include an anonymized sample that illustrates the hexadecimal values plus either

  • the OData URL used or
  • the SQL-statement

from Invantive Bridge Online Monitoring (More insight with new Bridge Online Monitoring)?

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