Better Predict Minimum Stock Level using new Get My Reports Tools

A wholesale inventory-based trader can run out of stock of fast moving goods due to replenishment issues or non-optimal decisions. To optimize revenues, a balance must be struck between items gaining dust on the shelves and being unable to close a deal due to insufficient stock.

Two enhancements for Exact Online have been made available on to optimize stock:

  • the new report “Stock Counts“ eases retrieval of all stock corrections over time periods;
  • the new parameter “GL Account Type” on Journal Entry Lines eases filtering all stock-based transactions by supplying the parameter value ‘Inventory’.

Both modules allow cross-company reports.

Together the module enable you to after the fact calculate the time slots in your business history during which no stock was present. Combining stocked periods with the actual sales transactions and assuming that deals at no stock went to the competition, you can calculate a more optimal stock level.

For Exact Online NL, the modules are available at:


Pivot table for stock transactions

The transaction lines involving stock are downloaded into an Excel sheet. The Excel sheet contains a named range “TransactionLines”. This named range can be used in a pivot-table as described on xxx.

Most users include in the Pivot-table at least the following elements:

  • Article code;
  • article description;
  • Quantity
  • Type

The following transaction types are typically found:

  • 120: Fulfillment
  • 121: Return fulfillment
  • 130: Receipt
  • 131: Purchase return
  • 162: Finished assembly
  • 180: Stock revaluation
  • 195: Stock count

A full overview is available through TransactionTypes.

About Get My Report

Get My Report is an online app with dozens of pre-defined reporting and tranaction logic for Exact Online and Teamleader. Get My Report runs on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and other device with a browser. Besides standard modules, each user company can run additional custom modules that are solely available to them.

Get My Report is available as a product within various commercial offerings such as:

  • Invantive Office for Entrepreneurs
  • Invantive Office for Accountants
  • Invantive Premium Finance

A 180-day trial period is started upon first use.