Business owners from the Veluwe get to know Invantive at trade fair Stad in Bedrijf

HARDERWIJK - Met power in software Invantive will show what they have to offer during the Stad in Bedrijf business days in Harderwijk on 15 and 16 April. ‘‘Invantive can play an important role with their software in the Veluwe’’, says director Guido Leenders.
Invantive was recently present at the CeBIT trade fair in Hannover, where the newest IT innovations were presented. There was a lot of interest in Invantive’s software. “We met many people and we expect we’ll get a number of jobs through them”, according to director Guido Leenders. Invantive has already supplied their software to GuideOne, the largest church insurer in the United States.

“During Stad in Bedrijf we want to make ourselves known in the Veluwe region. Apart from having international clients, we also want to be more active locally. Our employees live in the north part of the Veluwe region and are willing to help businesses in their area. Invantive is a committed partner that wants to offer their clients additional value when they automate their business administration.”

Invantive is specialized in Microsoft products that offer great user friendliness. Guido Leenders: “By creating additional programs you can have everything run smoothly and you can remove any disadvantages - that way you only keep the advantages of the default software. We offer clients a reliable and sustainable relationship and we aim for a collective approach.”

Over the past few years Invantive has invested a lot in innovation and we therefore have a range of beautiful products available now. We have software for large-scale projects in which billions of euros are involved, so all risks are eliminated. All the information regarding a project can be made visible, both in the short and long term. With Invantive’s products companies can make the right financial choices for complex projects.

Invantive prefers to work with entrepreneurs en innovating companies that have a high added value with work that is high-risk. The software is available in eleven languages and will make sure the productivity is higher and the operation of small and large businesses is optimized.

More information? go to Invantive’s website or call +31 88 00 26 500. During the business days Invantive can be found at stand 34.