With Invantive the results count

HARDERWIJK – Invantive in Harderwijk is ready for the future thanks to staying ahead of new developments. For director Guido Leenders only one thing counts: the result

The clients’ wishes are the most important for Invantive and therefore they try to help clients the best they can. “Entrepreneurs don’t care which technology is used, they just want to see results,” says Leenders. “We help businesses to optimize their business - we analyze what clients want and need and then we deliver just that.” Invantive doesn’t sell technology, that is why we don’t do business with the IT managers of businesses, but with the entrepreneurs themselves. Guido Leenders: “The entrepreneur knows best how his company works and what is needed for it.”

Multilingual software

From the start of the company in 2000, Invantive has always tried to keep up with the continuous internationalization. This is one of the reasons why the marketing mainly consists of online activities, for example through the website www.invantive.nl. Leenders: “We offer multilingual software in eleven languages, so far. It is important that clients can use the software in their own language. Not everybody is fluent in English.” Through this marketing tool, Invantive also came into contact with GuideOne, the largest American insurer of church-related products, to offer them software. Leenders: “The result is that the costs have decreased a lot and that the lawyers can do more business.”


“IT is developed really quickly, but because of globalization it also gets more and more complicated. As businesses tend to work on a more global scale nowadays, the software businesses use have to technically match, even in different countries. Often this fails as many different software packages are used that cannot communicate with each other. With our systems, this is not an issue.”

Medium-sized and small businesses

Invantive creates software for banks, the housing market, engineers, green energy managers and, as of recently, for medium-sized and small businesses. Leenders says: “We prefer to work with innovative businesses in which it is a challenge to successfully finish risky projects. Our software has been developed based on our own technology and will help the productivity to increase. More than half of our revenue is spent on innovation. Mainly because we are active worldwide it is important to keep up with new developments, and preferably even to stay ahead of the game.”