DealWithActivities melding Invalid JSON

In opvolging van: DealWithActivities melding Invalid JSON.

We hebben de volgende reactie ontvangen van Active Campaign:

Hi Jordy!
Leslie here; I’m a Senior Customer Experience Specialist with the API/Integrations team and I’m happy to help :wave:t2:
I understand that you’re experiencing an error when running the following call ( ). Using Postman, I was able to successfully make the request.
It appears the issue is coming from the platform you’re using to retrieve the data; I can confirm the API endpoint is working as expected. I would recommend reaching out to either Invantive Cloud or Power BI (whichever is giving you the error) so that they can assist you further. I’m afraid we don’t have insight into how those platforms perform the requests.
If you have any other questions let me know, and have a good rest of your day!
ActiveCampaign // Customer Experience Team, API/Integrations

Advies is om de foutmelding op te wekken cq. te wachten tot die weer optreedt. Gelieve dan de Request-ID/Verzoek-ID (waarde in de titelbalk van de Details bij Invantive Bridge Online Monitoring) dan toe te voegen binnen 7 dagen na het optreden van de melding.

Hiermee kan gekeken worden welke melding momenteel optreedt.

Hierbij de Request-IDs:

0HMVB6IU15FLC:00000004 (HTTP/1.1)

0HMVB6IU15FLD:00000003 (HTTP/1.1)

Hierbij nogmaals de Verzoek-IDs:
0HMVLCUAVJL86:00000003 (HTTP/1.1)
0HMVLCUAVJL86:00000004 (HTTP/1.1)

0HMVLCUAVJL8R:00000002 (HTTP/1.1)