Determining if and which version of Invantive Composition is available for Word

Attention! Invantive software products are no longer shipped using Microsoft ClickOnce. Starting Summer 2017, solely MSI installers are made available. Please use a current installer from

Most Invantive products are installed on Microsoft Windows as a .NET application. Most Invantive applications are installed as ClickOnce applications and therefore it is best for each user to use a different version of each program.

There are two ways to determine if Invantive Composition has been installed for Word:

  • Through the list of installed programs.
  • Through the file system.

List of installed programs

Open the list of installed programs. In the English version of Windows, this list is called “Programs and Features”.

Installation of Invantive Composition for Word

In this list you can see that Invantive Composition for Word, version 2014.0.14093.8036 has been installed. Please note that this list will be different for each user for ClickOnce applications.

File system

You can also search the %APPDATA%\ through the file system of each user for Invantive.Producer.Composition.Word.dll. If you find this DLL, Invantive Composition is present.