Free version of Invantive Composition for Microsoft Word

HARDERWIJK - Invantive in Harderwijk has upgraded their software program Invantive Composition. A trial version of the software can be downloaded for free from the website.

Invantive Composition was upgraded after the largest church insurer of the US, GuideOne, started using the software. GuideOne was able to reduce manual labor with 70%. The main advantages of Invantive Composition are the user friendliness and the fact that people without specialist IT knowledge can alter templates in Microsoft Word. Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word is enough. With Invantive Composition complex Word documents can automatically be filled with data from a database or cloud application.

The update includes that data from Oracle MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 UDB, Teradata, ODBC, Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel can be processed in Microsoft Word. Also the interface is now available in eleven languages. It is possible to add blocks, fields and parameters to a template with just one mouse click.

Invantive Composition offers the complete solution you need for creating complex Word documents. By automatically taking data from databases, documents can be changed to match the laws and regulations, as is the case with insurers, lawyers and care institutions. With Invantive Composition a lot of manual and repetitive work is prevented, which saves unneeded staff costs.

Another large advantage of Invantive Composition is that documents can be edited, shared and saved from each location easily, for example your own application or DMS. Rights can be assigned for each user so strict security is guaranteed. This will keep business intelligence even more secure.

Want to give it a go? That is possible via the link download Invantive Composition.