Developing real estate with client focus according to uncle Cor

Normally it costs others a lot of time to spread their message through the Invantive blog. It is too risky that it won’t help readers in their search for knowledge. Sometimes I encounter nice messages, though, causing me to pick up the phone and ask: “Can I help spread this message?” In this case this concerns uncle Cor. Uncle Cor realizes that there is a lot of real estate, but that it is not suitable for the goal that inhabitants require. I call it “working with client focus”, but they call it “Uncle Cor”. I will let Uncle Cor speak now:

Uncle Cor sees beautiful real estate every day that has been uninhabited way too long. Instead of waiting a long time for project developers, brokers, investors and councils to think of a solution for a property, uncle Cor approaches things differently.

Uncle Cor is present for the community, for all people that feel connected to an object. Anyone with a good concept or plan for an empty property, an abandoned industrial building, a former school or any other empty property, can contact uncle Cor. Uncle Cor will make sure your idea is heard. The best idea will get the chance to be realized. Uncle Cor has everything to realize ideas in collaboration with the inventor of the concept and other stakeholders.

Uncle Cor always knows what to do. Uncle Cor is a new concept in the real estate market and is an initiative of Its a virus and Wood&Apples. This revolutionary concept will start in February 2014. As of then, it will be possible to create your own living environment. Many people and organizations are already showing interest and have asked investors, councils and entrepreneurs to join uncle Cor.

Anybody can be uncle Cor. You, too!

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