Forward filter on company_code with Twinfield for better performance

When there are 50 Twinfield offices selected through use, a query such as:

set use-http-disk-cache@tfd false

set use-http-memory-cache@tfd false

select count(*) 
from   GeneralLedgerDetailsV3@tfd
where  fin_trs_line_dim1type = 'PNL'
and    fin_trs_head_year = 2021
and    company_code = '3'

will query all Twinfield offices and then locally filter. It is more efficient when - as on Exact Online with DivisionCode (Improved Very Large Company Volume Performance on Exact Online) - the filter on company_code would be used to exclude partitions which would yield no meaningful data at all.

In this sample with 28 Twinfield offices, this reduces runtime from 51 seconds to 1 seconds.

This has been implemented and has been released onto Invantive Cloud and Invantive Bridge Online.