General ledger transactions not up-to-date


For Exact Online, the most often used replica is on all General Ledger transaction lines. However, since yesterday, no new information has become available in the tables TransactionLines and TransactionLinesBulk.


Exact Online has announced in 2018 to discontinue the Transactions endpoint per January 1, 2019, which contains the headers for transaction lines (cash, bank, etc). Most (but not all) fields from the transaction header have been moved into transaction lines and all users have been informed to switch to using transaction lines.

Using Invantive Data Replicator you can apply an incremental load strategy with webhooks. Yesterday April 2, 2019 all webhook subscriptions on transactions have been removed. This had the unexpected side-effect that no webhooks would be registered and/or fired to update transaction lines to their latest status. The webhook functionality has been restored by Exact Online for transactions and all new transactions should raise a webhook event again.

All changes on transactions that had an event between April 2 and April 4 will not be reflected in your replicas.

You are requested to update the replicas one time after the webhook subscriptions have been restored. This is best done on April 5 or later.

The best statement to use is:

alter persistent cache force refresh approach copy

It refreshes all contents using a forced refresh using a full copy. Additional steps, such as re-registering webhook subscriptions, may be necessary. Please contact your administrator and/or consultant. When necessary, Invantive can provide assistance on basis of time & material.

What’s Next

Exact Online will consider what approach to take for the webhook subscription on transactions. Once a choice has been made, Invantive will try to release an adapted version. The emergency solution is to switch transaction lines from incremental to copy approach.