Google Cloud MySQL connection - SSL certificates with Invantive Cloud


I am trying to connect to my Google Cloud MySQL database via the Invantive Cloud.
However, when I try to enter the credentials, I do not see an option to enter the SSL certificate information.

In order to connect to our database via SSL, I normally have to provide the SSL Certificate, SSL Key and SSL CA files for the connection to happen. As shown below:

Log on to MySQL

How do I do that in Invantive Cloud?

There should be no need to load a specific SSL key on MySQL. On the server the necessary root SSL-certificates should have been pre-loaded.

Do you run into a problem?

If so, what is the full error?

When there are generic SSL root certificates to add to the servers (like AWS requires for some database platforms), please quote the URL on Google MySQL that states the certificates to add. After verification and testing they will be added.

So when I enter the credentials in Invantive Cloud, it says it is not able to connect to the Host.

I normally provide the SSL certificates, provided by Google Cloud, with its location present in my local server. And add them to the Connection setup like I showed in the 2nd image.

If this is the URL that you’re asking for:

Is it possible to add the certificates on your end ? If I send them over by email or upload via portal.

Do you by accident happen to use a self-signed certificate?

We have no plans for loading self-signed certificates.

However, Cloud SQL also supports certificates signed by an authority (see for instance certificate authority - Is there an option to use a public, trusted CA for Secure Cloud SQL communication? - Stack Overflow).

Adding the certificates of approved authorities is possible, like that of AWS.

When I’m doubt please send the certificate files through a secure channel and we will check whether they are self-signed or not. Do NOT add the certificate here on the forum.