Is it possible to connect to Google Cloud MySQL with Bridge Online?

I wanted to know if you had any similar services (like Bridge Online for Exact) for getting data from Google Cloud MySQL to PowerBI.

Documentation can be found here:

Yes, it should be possible to retrieve data from MySQL on Google using Invantive Bridge Online as an OData proxy to use MySQL on Power BI without Personal Gateway.

Make sure SSL/TLS is correctly configured on the Google Cloud MySQL database. According to documentation that is available. Invantive Cloud by design does not cover MySQL access through an SSH-tunnel, since setup and maintenance of SSH-tunnels consumes too much support capacity.

Step to use MySQL with Power BI:

  • Go to Invantive Cloud.
  • Ensure Google MySQL setup with SSL/TLS is completed.
  • Add a MySQL database.
  • Use OData from Power BI to directly access the MySQL data.

Please note that a fair use policy applies, which will hinder continuous loading of large MySQL databases into Power BI. In that case, please add Azure Data Factory to load the MySQL data in an environment close to the Power BI servers. Invantive Cloud solely runs on AWS.

Thanks for your response. I’ll look into them. I just had 2 follow up questions

  1. We have an SSL connection to our Google Cloud SQL. Based on your explanation, that will be possible to setup right?

  2. Will setting this up cause additional cost to our existing subscription that we have with Invantive for Exact Online?


Regarding 1: yes, that should work right away.

Regarding 2: for almost all subscriptions almost all platforms are included, not only exact online without surcharges. In your case (Invantive Office for Entrepreneurs - All Cloud) there is plenty of capacity left to add dozens of platforms. There is no expected surcharge.