How do I connect my Power BI to Exact Online?

Follow the steps below to connect your Power BI Desktop to Exact Online:

  • Sign up on Invantive Cloud.
  • Select the “Add database” button.
  • Select “Exact Online” and the country.
  • Log on to Exact Online.
  • Select the “Add and save IP-address” button.
  • Copy the database URL to the clipboard.
  • In Power BI select the “Get Data” button.
  • Select “OData-feed”.
  • Paste the database URL and select “OK”.
  • Select “Basic”.
  • Enter the Cloud credentials.

The full steps are described on Invantive Cloud.

The video Sign up on Invantive Cloud shows the sign up process:

The video Create a Virtual Exact Online database shows how to create the Exact Online database and import data into Power BI.