Impact of VEF_DIPRO Venezuelan Bolivar on loading exchange rates

The popular app for processing exchange rates and merging them with Exact Online accounting has not retrieved new exchange rates from OER in the time period Januar 9-January 12.

Exchange rates service has been restored and current exchange rates are available again for loading into Exact Online companies.

Background of the discontinuity is the revaluation of the Venezuelan Bolívar. The exchange rate between GBP and VEF_DIPRO exceeds 1 to 99 million since January 9, 2021.

The maximum supported exchange rate for a listed currency has been increased to allow exchange rates up to 1 to 999.999 trillion (Dutch: 999.999 biljoen). This should hopefully provide sufficient numerical space to allow exchange rates previously seen for Zimbabwean Dollar (2009, 35.000 trillion = 1 USD) and Papiermark (1923, 4.2 trillion = 1 USD).