Improve restart capabilities of incremental Exact Online tables by using HTTP disk cache

The incremental load of Exact Online Sync API tables can take very long and even multiple days.

Even worse, when for instance is used to download the initial set, the not always reliable nature of PowerBI downloads can cause excessive API use.

Most tables use the HTTP disk cache and/or response cache as restart capabilities to reduce the impact of fluctuating reliability on total execution time. However, incremental tables don’t do so. They start every time again at the first page of data.

Idea is to improve restart capabilities of Exact Online Sync API-based tables by using HTTP disk cache or another mechanism such that even day-spanning downloads can be finished.

As illustrated in Simulate API rate limit exceeded on Exact Online sync APIs, the restart capabilities have improved enabling cross-day initial downloads. The theoretical maximum volume is now tables with 50 * 5000 * 1000 = 250 million rows per Exact Online incremental table, given sufficient time. Companies with over 10 million rows in a transaction table are hard to find on Exact Online.

The improved restart capabilities are available in all version 22.0.92 and up.