Intermittent broken downloads on *Incremental-Exact Online tables

Invantive’s UniversalSQL supports incremental tables to allow even environments with millions of transactions to exchange data between Exact Online and SQL, Power BI, Qlik or other reporting platforms.

A number of users report issues on the incremental tables with downloads that either hang forever or are terminated within seconds.

This topic consolidates all available knowledge on this issue.

Sofar, the analysis has shown that the problem has the following boundaries:

  • Since March 15, 2024.
  • Only on Exact Online *incremental tables.
  • Only on Invantive Bridge Online. The problem was not yet reported on Invantive Cloud, App Online, Control, Query Tool or other Invantive products.
  • Highest probability on occurrence for downloads that access a single partition / Exact Online company.

Further analysis revealed a root cause: when a previous download was canceled for a specific *Incremental-table on Exact Online, next downloads might either fail within a second or keep hanging forever.

Cancelation of downloads typically occur:

Especially the last scenario can cause intermittent issues. For instance, Power BI Desktop downloads 8 requests at the same time. If any of these 8 fails, all other 7 will be canceled. Each of these cancelations had a small risk of triggering the issue, typically failing many or all future downloads of the table.

In general we also strongly recommend to increase the time-out on all OData4-downloads, even for the most small ones. Even very small downloads may have to wait on other large downloads to complete before a download channel becomes available.

A bug fix expected to solve the root cause found is planned to go live on March 28, 2024.

This bug fix should solve all these issues, but it is possible that another root cause has been overseen. So if the problem still occurs after March 28, 2024, please raise a new topic.

A new release has been taken into production, which should solve most or all direct cancelations and endless downloads of *Incremental tables on Exact Online.

A small percentage of issues remained. A fix for these has been taken into production as 24.0.114.