Power BI performance audit

Finance Reporting_SN.pbit (475.6 KB)

Could you preform the audit in the framework of our abonnement?
Refresh takes up to 15-20 minutes.
Recently, the refreshes of incremental tables broke following the issue mentioned in here Intermittent broken downloads on *Incremental-Exact Online tables.

The license usage also exceeds the daily maximum.

Data sources are Bridge Online, Snowflake and Excel files.
The biggest tables are Fact (combined from On-balance-entries)

It is unclear what to do.

The pbit file has no queries.

Can you give more details what the problem is?

I have followed the steps mentioned in this article.

“Als onderdeel van een lopend abonnement biedt Invantive de mogelijkheid om een performance audit te laten uitvoeren op Power BI rapporten. Op deze manier helpen we u om - samen met Invantive - de beste prestaties uit uw rapporten te halen. De analyse bevat een groot aantal controles, die samen via het forum teruggekoppeld worden. Waar nodig worden links opgenomen voor meer informatie.”

Thanks for the background. Please follow the steps as described in the article.

The current *.pbit-file has no queries nor visuals attached, and seems empty.

Please also add the other steps, such as the number of rows, described in the article.

We will be happy to assist you once complete.

The attached file is made according to the instruction and contains necessary info, more I can’t do. This screen appears for me when I open the template:

If you click on Load and then cancel, you will see the visuals and queries.
Fact table contains 1.045.205 rows
‘Vermeld het aantal administraties’: I don’t know what it means.

The *.pbit file does not contain any queries.

As an alternative, please add a screenshot of the download from Bridge Online Monitoring Details when it is just a single table.

As I have already mentioned, the queries are there. Please follow these steps to see them:

  1. Open the file
  2. Click on Load
  3. Cancel the load
  4. Click on Transform data
  5. See the queries under the folder TRANSFORM_EO

Thanks for the background. The cause of missing has been established since when the initial screen is canceled nothing is loaded.

Is it possible to remove dependencies on other data sources such as Snowflake and Excel? There is a large number of transformations and data sets, many of which have no relationship with the platforms supported by Invantive Cloud.

The instructions will be improved to further clarify this need.