How do I get a free Power BI performance audit?

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As part of an ongoing subscription Invantive offers the possibility to have a performance audit performed on Power BI reports. This way you are assisted to get the best performance out of your reports. The analysis contains a large number of checks, which outcome will be communicated through the forum. Where necessary, links are included for more information.

You can have a Power BI performance audit performed based on a Power BI template file or by specifying the query. For Power Query you always use the query, for Power BI the use of the query is also possible.

Through a Power BI template file.

A Power BI template file contains both the data model and the graphical representation, but no data. Go through the following steps:

  • Create a topic on these forums.
  • Create a Power BI template file ( *.pbit ) from your report.
  • Check again that the Power BI report is saved as a pbit file and is small in size.
  • Rename the pbit file to the platform name plus a short description, for example Teamleader sales dashboard.pbit.
  • Indicate the current duration of refreshing your Power BI dashboard.
  • For the largest tables, state approximately how many rows are in the table.
  • Indicate the number of administrations (for Exact Online, Loket, Twinfield, AFAS, NMBRS, Yuki).
  • Uploading a Power BI pbix file was deliberately made not possible; this prevents company data from being uploaded.

Via a Query from Power BI

You can also upload the queries themselves for the performance audit, possibly completed with a readable screenshot of your data model in Power BI. Go through the following steps:

  • Create a topic on these forums.
  • Export the query text from Power BI’s Advanced Query Editor and add it to the topic.
  • Indicate the current duration of the Power BI query refresh.
  • Indicate from the largest tables approximately how many rows are in the table.
  • Please state the number of administrations (for Exact Online, Loket, Twinfield, AFAS, NMBRS, Yuki).

The Power BI performance audit includes a large number of standard checks and tips for improvement. Based on these tips you can improve Power BI report.

No Invantive Cloud yet?

Don’t have an Invantive Cloud account yet? You can try it 180 days for free, together with the Exact Online Excel add-in. Do you want to continue using it after 180 days? The cost for 100 administrations (“partitions”) is then EUR 49; it does not matter whether you process 3 or 25 administrations.

The usage is free for small entrepreneurs with up to 5 Exact Online companies, up to 3 million Euro turnover and up to 100.000 lines of download per day.

You can subscribe to Invantive Cloud or immediately plan the free explanation session.

Do-it-yourself Tips for Power BI Performance?

Of course, you can also perform the analysis yourself. Tips for improving performance can be found at Overview of Power BI Performance and Download Size Improvement Techniques.

It is useful to understand the structure of Invantive Cloud. The structure is explained on Invantive Cloud Structure.

Furthermore you will find the data models of the available drivers on

Standard report / outsource

Do you prefer to use a predefined report or do you prefer to outsource the work?

For Exact Online Get My Report offers frequently requested reports that you can easily further process.

Finally you can ask Invantive or one of our partners to help you with the analysis and compilation. Usually a short consultation will suffice.

Fair Use

In order to be able to offer this service for free within a subscription for all users it is expected that you will use this service in a reasonable way.