Invantive Cloud provides insight on all API activity

Today’s release of Invantive Cloud provides insight on all API activity. All your on-premise and cloud devices associated with your subscription(s) register their API activity in this list. Contents of the list are accumulated across the day, starting off with an empty list the next day.

The API activity insight helps you analyze actual activity in scenarios such as:

  • Hard limits on the number of calls or data volume downloaded per day by your cloud platform.
  • Optimize processing by tackling I/O-intensive activity first.
  • Provide support of your cloud platforms with hard figures on the user measured performance.

The contents of the API activity are identical to the structure found in the Invantive SQL data dictionary table sessionios@datadictionary:

Added to the measurements from your on-premise and cloud devices, you will also find measurements from Invantive Cloud, including downloads for Power BI and Power Query using Invantive Bridge Online.

Activity from Invantive Bridge Online can be recognized on two special connectors:

  • BridgeOnlineOdata4: actual OData4 requests from Power BI or Power Query and their statistics.
  • BridgeOnlineOdata4ZipOutCache: data retrieved from the output cache when the OData4 request can be answered from that cache.

From the list you can navigate to the details on the Bridge Online session I/O: