Improved performance Invantive Cloud web apps

Most users deploy Invantive Cloud in combination with Microsoft Power BI and/or Power Query to easily retrieve business data for reporting and analysis.

However, Invantive Cloud also serves an audience that uses it to run web apps on platforms such as Twinfield, Visma, AFAS Profit, Nmbrs or Exact Online. The web app functionality also powers, a large site which crawls, indexes and archives approximately 2 million public documents.

Invantive Cloud web apps are typically run on Invantive App Online (, often paired with CloudFlare or CloudFront as CDN/proxy for improved global performance due to caching and ease of deployment.

The initial calculation of a HTML page in many circumstances exceeded one second. Once loaded into the CDN, page retrieval is very fast.

The next release of Invantive Cloud considerably improves the initial HTML page calculation time, leading to initial HTML page calculation times well below 500 milliseconds. It is scheduled for general availability by March 26, 2021.

No changes to existing Invantive PSQL code are necessary to enjoy the improved performance of the web apps, nor are there any breaking changes.