Restructuring infrastructure for better scalability

The infrastructure of the following online Invantive-products will be changed in the period October-November 2023 to better handle the increase volumes of users:

  • Invantive Cloud
  • Invantive App Online
  • Invantive Bridge Online
  • Valuta Tools
  • Get My Report for Exact Online (Belgium)
  • Get My Report for Exact Online (Netherlands)

The new infrastructure will make it easier to scale up and out depending on the need. In addition, changes will be made to the Invantive-products to throttle intensive processes to better share capacity among users.

All these changes improve the usability, which was already significantly by the automatic enforcement of the Fair Use Policy.

All front-end online Invantive-products have moved to a new server platform on Amazon. This platforms provides additional capabilities to allow scaling up to thousands of processors.

Different Format Request ID

As a side-effect, all request IDs visible on Invantive Bridge Online and Invantive App Online have a different format, such as:


instead of a long hexadecimal number.

Initial Longer Runtime

During initial use, all caches will be reconstructed automatically. Sufficient additional capacity has been made available to ensure this runs as quickly as possible. Nonetheless initial use can be slower than regular. This effect will disappear after first use. To avoid errors due to Fair Use Policy, all duration-based rate limits have been increased by a factor 10 during initial use.

Changed IP-addresses

The IP-addresses from which Invantive Cloud operates have changed due to the changed infrastructure. In case you have any firewall rules - such as with Azure SQL Server - configured to limit from which IP-addresses Invantive Cloud reaches out, please adapt these as described in: