Daily Usage Statistics and Expected Costs on Invantive Cloud

With over 10.000 companies connecting using Invantive SQL and Cloud technology, the management of subscriptions, resource usage and associated costs has become essential. Invantive Cloud now contains two pieces of new functionality to provide you with daily updated insights regarding expected costs, resource usage and meeting the fair use policy.

The master dashboard displayed on Invantive Cloud log in contains an element to display a summarized overview:


Highlighted elements include:

  • The expected size of your monthly invoice up to a specific date. In this picture, it is displayed with (1). Please note that discounts such as the Corona-crisis action and pre-payments are not yet included.
  • The size of the user population, number of partitions (application and company combinations) and network traffic generated are displayed with (2).
  • The fair use policy is displayed as colored signals with (3).

The second new functionality is that a click on the usage statistics displays a detailed list of the details of the cost and usage. This list can be filtered and exported to Excel and other formats.

More real-time usage statistics have become available as described in Introductie van Fair Use Daglimieten voor een Betere Gebruikerservaring (Dutch).