Invantive is recognized as training company by the GOC

MBO internship at a recognized training company

It is often said that a profession is learned in its practice. For many MBO professional educations a practical internship at a recognized training company is therefore a mandatory component. This internship can be seen as what used to be the masterpiece of a carpenter. During the BOL practical internship the knowledge present needs to not only be tested, but practical knowledge needs to be added as well. The succesful completion of the practical internship is essential to the practice of the future profession. That is why it is important that the practical internship is done at a recognized training company. In order to qualify for this recognition, there are a number of conditions a company needs to meet. By meeting the conditions of the GOC, Invantive B.V. has recently managed to meet this recognition. As training company Invantive will offer internship spots for recognized MBO as well as HBO.

Recognized training company for Graphic Arts educations

As recognized training company Invantive will offer MBO internship spots. For the education Graphic Arts (Web design, Graphic design, DTP) Invantive will offer various BOL 4 practical internships. These internship spots recognized by the GOB offer advantages to both the intern and Invantive. By allowing an intern to run their internship at Invantive both will be able to learn from each other. The motivated intern brings along new knowledge and looks to internal processes without preconceived judgement. As recognized training company Invantive has the needed resources, knowledge and experience available to motivate the intern, guide him and teach him practical knowledge. As training company Invantive now has the opportunity to select and train future employees.

Recognized MBO BOL internships

Would you like to start working as a graphic designer, web designer or in DTP? Keep an eye on our website. We are currently setting up recognized MBO internships. If you are in a BOL 4 Graphic Arts professional education and looking for an internship, please contact Patrick Hofman. Do not hesitate and come to Invantive to learn all the tricks of the trade!