ECABO also recognizes Invantive as training company!

Studying is about looking ahead

Project management is about looking ahead, which basically says that development is about looking ahead. Invantive B.V. helps organization to decrease risks, develop projects successfully and complete them. That is our vision as well as our corporate goal.

Our vision and corporate goal do not fundamentally differ from the goals of society. Namely corporate social responsibility. Invantive has set as goal for itself to help in the development of students into fully fledged professionals. Students of the HBO could already finish their study at Invantive under expert guidance to set the first steps in a compelling career. Because vocational education students are also very motivated students, Invantive also desires to help these students to develop themselves into professionals. Before that time is come, the necessary qualifications need to be achieved.

ECABO recognized internship

To realize the societal objective, Invantive had started the trajectory towards the needed qualifications. Earlier we already announced that Invantive is recognized by the GOC as training company. Today we can announce that Invantive is also recognized as training company by ECABO. Invantive meets the end terms of the VET training ICT, IT, Economy and Administration as compiled by the ECABO. By meeting these demands, Invantive can offer both GOB and ECABO recognized internships to the vocational education student. By gaining these qualifications Invantive shows that as company it has the needed knowledge, experience, time and resources available to take care of the vocational training. Vocational education and University of Applied Sciences students can now gain practical experience at Invantive during the various phases of their study.

Internship at Invantive

By gaining this qualification Invantive is yet again one step closer to realization of the societal objective. Invantive helps students to successfully complete their study and develop themselves into fully fledged professionals. In addition, Invantive will make them familiar with the corporate life and therefore helps its peers with qualified professionals. The first GOC MBO internship has already been offered. We are currently hard at work to establish an informative MBO ECABO internship. Do you know someone who is looking for an VET IT, ICT, Economy or Administration internship? Let us know! We would like to come into contact with these students.