Invantive software cumulative Release Build 43

Software components

This cumulative release includes our business solutions along with newer versions of the technological components. New versions of the following products are contained in this cumulative release:
Invantive Estate: software for more control on real estate projects;

  • Invantive Vision: software to improve projects;
  • Invantive Producer: development environment with a real-time data warehouse, as well as SDK for Invantive Estate and Invantive Vision;
  • Invantive Control: software for controlling Excel to use for implementing calculation models in Microsoft, whereby the data is stored in a central database;
  • Invantive Composition: integration of the Document Management System of Invantive Estate and Invantive Vision with Microsoft Word;
  • Invantive Query Tool: interactive and secured consulting of business objects on Invantive Producer based business solutions; reporting and modifications.


The following extensions have been implemented in the cumulative release Build 42:

  • Extend script parameters with default value that is automatically provided by the insert.
  • ‘Load template from DMS’ for Invantive Control in Excel and Invantive Composition in Word.
  • Build ‘Log on to Estate application using Estate credentials’ for cashflow projection model.
  • User defined functions for example for the requesting of a version number of the calculation model to place this in a cell.
  • Advanced login menu to allow non-Invantive Producer Oracle environment for Invantive Control.
  • Search button in Trace.
  • Invantive Control: Make pending changes more readable using master/detail view.
  • Allow use of cell values and maybe Excel expressions such as $E{A1} in SQL query to business layer.
  • Support for retrieval of cash flow metadata model values using Excel formulas.
  • Invantive Control: References to Excell cells can be built up easier, also without SQL and Excel tables to formulate really complex calculation models with more ease.
  • Link with Bouwkostenkompas.
  • Translation of fixed texts in logging background processes.
  • Test mode for billing.
  • Physical location of a document.
  • Add workflow to conclute the revenue.
  • Stretch maximum length person name to 240 characters.
  • Add waiver date to organizations.
  • Extra options to remove sharing of a project.
  • Can exclude/include project head when copying. Is already in delete.
  • Delete rules with Name: not supported by cvs2svn and layout again clearly in \ws\p104\ddl en \ws\itgen\ddl.
  • Callsign for persons.
  • Visualising of status and type process and project.
  • Required skills for a process.
  • Project or general reference customer on invoice.
  • Measurement numbers for monitoring.
  • Also order planning of processes on weight of process status.
  • Extraction invoicing Exact Online can not be read if new testing mode is used.
  • Extra parameters for reports like on AS/400 so that system time and context Estate can be printed.
  • Web: allow entry of decimal separator on numeric keyboard in web frontend, irrespective to how regional settings are configured.
  • Include query in Help-> About and Version information web for versions shortly summarized.
  • Parameters for reports, both in OLA as well as in Web.
  • Full description (field is called bjb_omschrijving_ult) displayed in grid background processes.
  • Screen Project Statuses: add field Phase and Closed (view only).
  • Screen itgen_stg_all adjust for LDAP authentication on Producer.
  • Retain login data users calculation models in the context settings of Control.
  • Screens for authentication and authorization in Producer.
  • Support for display flag and default value expression with request of background process and validation value expression.
  • Allow smarter planning background processes so that you can direct more accurately when you can and when you can not retrieve data from other systems.
  • Update Dutch translations.
  • OLA: Attribute document disappears after editing name field and there is no warning when leaving out extension in name field.
  • Extra fields for social media.
  • Retrieve process and project archive from report.
  • Overview hours in ‘Search’.
  • Field category to eliminate duplication of messages if needed.
  • Notification for different coding & comment compatibility views (browser in compatibility modus).
  • Web: menu can also have an icon.
  • check Directory Usable should also indicate if folder exists or not.
  • OLA: Make location of association configurable through profile option.
  • OLA: Adjust controls so that they can use DetailsBase.
  • All reports supplied with parameters.
  • Can login with own Oracle account using Invantive Control, Query Tool and Studio concerning the tunneling interface.
  • ER 7737: Data model upgrades: addition of required references.
  • ER 7769: Automatically further process work flow on the basis of process status transitions.
  • ER 968: English version manual.


The following errors have been corrected in the cumulative release build 42:

  • WEB: Monitoring of requirement of parameters with background processes is not working properly.
  • WEB: BUBS_SEND_MEASUREMENTS and ipv6 problem for background process for Pandora using bubs_stats.
  • OLA: Dropdown lists with Add Person are not filled (it is filled with Change Person).
  • Dev. Requests: Minor changes with backport to b42.
  • ORA-01461 can only bind a LONG-value in a LONG-column when changing project status.
  • Outlook Add-in of Invantive Vision loses + in telephone numbers whenever a dial plan is not known.
  • WEB: Adjusting of field head project yields error because of double occurrences head project.
  • Differing with Task can not be emptied on invoice line.
  • Scheduler yields error due to adjustment for attaching documents.
  • Automatically adapting background job status after properly entered background job parameters.
  • Background process: Management: send measurements in Pandora FMS format per e-mail to administrator ended with error.
  • Report Timesheet does not want to execute due to missing font.
  • Request background process without parameter yields error.


The cumulative release is available for free for all relations with a current maintenance agreement for the concerned products. For installation you can contact our Professional Services department by phone number +31 88 0026500 or by e-mail at