Itgenclr038 Invalid handle ("Ongeldige vensteringang")


You may receive an error with code itgenclr038 when opening a spreadsheet with the Invantive Control for Excel add-in enabled.

The error is typically accompanied by the text “Invalid handle“ or (Dutch) “Ongeldige vensteringang“.

The error does not contain the text “time out“.


The itgenclr038 error can be shown due to various causes. The following steps might help you resolving them. In case not resolved after executing these steps please contact Invantive:

  • First close Excel completely.

  • End any EXCEL.EXE processes from the Details tab of the Windows Task Manager.

  • Then start Excel again from the Start menu without opening a document.

  • Wait for the Invantive Control ribbon to appear.

  • Ensure Windows updates have been applied by your system administrator when any message appears regarding Windows Update.

  • Click on “Connect“ in the Invantive Control ribbon.

  • Log on.

  • Then open the document you want to open.

  • When any yellow bar appears in directly below the menu in Excel first follow all steps as recommended by Microsoft to make the Excel document editable.

  • Perform your work.

In general it is recommended not to open an Excel document directly from a mail program or download. First save the document in the right location, then make it editable by ensuring no yellow bars are present and then use the document.