Itgendid177 message when running a query

Upon execution of a query or other use of a table and/or view you may receive an error such as:

Provide a data container alias when using tables using distributed databases.
Add an at-sign plus an alias after the table name ‘…’. Choose the alias from the following: …

The itgendid177 message occurs when a database with multiple data containers is used, but no alias is specified with a table name. There is no need to add an alias when a database has solely a single data container.

For example, suppose you are connected to an Invantive SQL database with three data containers:

  • Yuki (alias for instance “yuki”)
  • ActiveCampaign (alias “ac”)
  • Teamleader (alias “myteamleader”)

The itgendid177 error will occur when the following query is executed:

select *
from   Teamleader.V1.Projects

The query will succesfully execute when rewritten to include the data container alias:

select *
from   Teamleader.V1.Projects@myteamleader