Itgenlic693: Use of Query Tool not possible with this license

Upon installation of the Invantive Query Tool I am using “Paste key from clipboard” to upload our company’s license key. However, an error occurs:

itgenlic693: The use of Invantive Query Tool is not possible with this license.
Please contact Invantive to license this application. (L1…3).

How can I license the Query Tool?

The message is displayed since the license associated with the key does not cover the Invantive Query Tool.

It is probably an accountancy subscription for accountants up to 1.000 companies (SUBCMAA50). That product does not include the use of Invantive SQL, so products that require the use of Invantive SQL should not work. Reason for excluding Invantive SQL from these subscriptions is that accountant firms with less than 1.000 companies typically have little to no in-house experience with SQL, which makes for support costs outweighing the revenues otherwise.

As an alternative you might want to use Invantive Cloud and download the data using Power BI or Power Query. And then use the tools bundled with Power BI or Power Query to process the data.

Other alternatives are:

The last variant is for accounting companies with over 1.000 companies. However, a pre-requisite is having two business analysts with SQL knowledge on payroll.

Some companies have an external software developer. A software developer can use the OData consumer sample on the download sites to create the necessary functionality. You can also look into the OData connector of Microsoft Azure Data Factory and hook it up to Invantive Cloud.