Itgenoda485 The Financials API returned no values for any of the 32 fields in row#0

Upon retrieving the contents of VismaNet.JournalTransactionV2.JournalTransactionLinesByPeriodOrDateV2 or JournalTransactionLines@vnt I get the following error on company 700901:

The Financials API returned no values for any of the 32 fields in row #0. Contact Financials Support regarding the payload ‘{ “lineNumber”: 1, “accountNumber”: “2400”, “description”: “…ndørg…”, “subaccount”: { “subaccountNumb…”, “module”: “ModuleAP”, “project”: { “id”: “X”, “description”: “Non-Project Code.” }, “quantity”: 0.0 }’.

The problem also occurs with other companies.

The module code is:

  create or replace table JournalTransactions@mss
  select *
  from   JournalTransactions@vnt

It reproduces als on:

use all@vnt

select *
from   VismaNet.JournalTransactionV2.JournalTransactionLinesByPeriodOrDateV2('702364', '201812')@vnt

This seems to be an incorrect signal since the payload is not empty on the path .journalTransactionLines[*]:

  "lineNumber": 1,
  "accountNumber": "2400",
  "description": "L...ørg...d",
  "subaccount": {
    "subaccountNumber": "00000000000000",
    "subaccountId": 1,
    "description": "Ingen",
    "lastModifiedDateTime": "2022-03-04T09:34:57.637",
    "active": true,
    "segments": [
        "segmentId": 1,
        "segmentDescription": "...",
        "segmentValue": "000",
        "segmentValueDescription": "..."
        "segmentId": 2,
        "segmentDescription": "...",
        "segmentValue": "00000",
        "segmentValueDescription": "..."
        "segmentId": 3,
        "segmentDescription": "...",
        "segmentValue": "000000",
        "segmentValueDescription": "..."
  "referenceNumber": "2...0",
  "transactionDescription": "",
  "branch": "1",
  "customerSupplier": "5...8",
  "transactionType": "INV",
  "module": "ModuleAP",
  "project": {
    "id": "X",
    "description": "Non-Project Code."
  "quantity": 0.0

The issue is currently being analyzed. The next release taken into production will also extend logging to reduce detection time and resolution time.

The actual content from the APIs for at least the following tables seem to no longer fit the metadata-specifications:

  • SubaccountSegments
  • JournalTransactionLines

Most other tables still work fine and the problem might be related to the dynamic nature of’s metadata (see Dynamic data models: how to deal with continuously new tables and columns for background).

The problem seems to have started on July 6 and from then on occurred every day.

This seems to correspond to the introduction of API version 9.00.00. The following API metadata definitions have been used:

Version Patch Start Date
8.97.00 1001 2022-05-19
8.98.00 1007 2022-05-25
8.99.00 1003 2022-06-01
9.00.00 1003 2022-06-08
9.00.00 1003 2022-06-09
9.01.00 1009 2022-06-15
9.02.00 1004 2022-06-22
9.03.00 1007 2022-06-29
9.04.00 1001 2022-07-06
9.05.00 1003 2022-07-13
9.06.00 1005 2022-07-20

Please note that the actual download date of a new metadata-definition can lag behind an API actually using it due to caching.

It seems the problem started happening on 9.04.00.

A developer is assigned to further analyze the issue. This can take a few working days.

A new Invantive Cloud-release has been taken into production on Invantive Cloud, Invantive App Online and Invantive Bridge Online which solves the itgenoda485 on subAccountSegments and journalTransactionLines by altering the handling of the dynamic datamodel of Finance.

The change is also present in release 22.0.296 onward of the Invantive on-premises software products.

Please try again to execute your app module.

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