Itgenoda753: Table 'ExactOnlineHTML.Documents.AttachmentByUrl' has not service URL specified

In regards to discussion detailed in itgensql144-the-json-has-an-invalid-format I’m trying trying to call the AttachementByUrl with the following statement:

select dae.* 
from   exactonlinerest..documents@eol dct 
join   exactonlinerest..documentattachmentfiles@eol dae on = dae.document
join   AttachmentByUrl@eol (dae.url) dcta
where  dct.type = 40 
AND    dct.Created > dateadd('day','-5',sysdateutc)

but I get an itgenoda753 error:

itgenoda753 :
Table ‘ExactOnlineHTML.Documents.AttachmentByUrl’ has not service URL specified.

The AttachmentByUrl has only on parameter : url. I have also tried (dae.url || '&Download=1') but the same error occurs.

Since our upgrade to QueryTool 22.0.577 we see itgenoda753 errors

itgenoda753 :
Table [*] has not service URL specified.

found cases so far:

We’ll update this topic when we find new cases.

A bug was found in 22.0.577.

Please upgrade to release 22.0.578. It is available now on

We confirm, it works back.

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