Jira Service Desk Conector: This app has not requested any supported Atlassian scopes

I am trying to Re-Authenticate a data container which is connected to Jira Service Desk.

This has worked previously and no settings have been changed but I am now getting a response from JIRA stating:

This app has not requested any supported Atlassian scopes.
Check the authorization URL for your app and ensure that it includes valid scopes.

Thee is no where for me to define scopes so am unsure how I can re-authenticate.

How can I reconnect to Jira Service Desk?


  • Create a new database
  • Choose ‘Atlassian’
  • Choose ‘Jira Service Desk’

Then after logging in, Atlassian returns the following:

The registration of a new JIRA Service Desk has been fixed in the next release. It is expected to be taken in production within 5 days.

The new release with fix for JIRA Service Desk was deployed.