Join jsontable when htp.contents_char not found does not raise an error

good afternoon,

a small remark, I’m unsure if this is relevant or not with QueryTool Beta 20.1.529:

When executing

select fle.totalpages from httpdownload@DataDictionary
                    (url => 'https://myurl'
                       , contentType => 'application/json'
                       , headers => 'Authorization=Bearer mybearer'
                       , diskCache => false
                       , method => 'GET'
                       )  htp
join jsontable
                 passing htp.contents_char
                 columns  nextpage_url varchar2 path 'next'
                         ,totalpages integer path 'lastPage'
                ) fle;

when the htp.contents_char columns identifier is not filled correctly (for example lastpage instead of lastPage) then the data in the JSON table is not found, and this does not raise an error nor a warning.

Maybe that could be interesting to check, preventing headaches in finding wrong typos :frowning: unless this behaviour is expected to prevent other cases I don’t have in mind.

Best to the Team

For the moment this is intended behavior. However, when processing less structured data than the metadata of Invantive itself it is indeed a common cause for headaches. This is not only limited to missing data, but also constraints such as:

  • null/not null data
  • foreign key relationship
  • tuple constraints, such as x>y

The idea is to allow specification of a number of constraints on the outcome of a query. As of today, no real work has been done in that area but it is definitely a viable and good suggestion. This question is being migrated to Ideas category.