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Some time ago, we had issues retrieving data from the Exact Online table:


The table returned a few rows, around ten, while in reality, the table consists of approximately 2500 rows. Furthermore, the table was functioning properly; there were no error messages, and the refresh process was quick. However, the data was incomplete. Our solution at the time was to use a different table:


This table returned the complete data. When it comes to optimization, we naturally prefer to use the incremental version. And the strange thing is, today, a few weeks after the incident, we tried to retrieve the data again using the incremental table, and now the data is complete.

What could be a possible cause of the incident so that it can be prevented in the future?

Do you have a link to the previous issue on the forums?

At that time, we didn’t create a ticket, so there is no link to the previous issue. This is the first and only ticket.

At that database, where there any preceeding errors such as due to exceeding the Fair Use policy?

There have been a few other reports of similar issues about missing rows in the Exact Online *Incremental-tables, all concentrating in the last weeks. It seems that incidentally things go wrong, but it is not yet clear what the cause and whether it is related to a new bug in the logic of the Exact Online-driver or undocumented logic changes at Exact Online.

In case the problem occurs again, please register a topic here.

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