Making money with an opinion on software

HARDERWIJK – Invantive in Harderwijk will start paying customers for giving their opinion on Invantive’s software. This concerns users that use Invantive’s software for the first time.

Invantive thinks the opinion of its users is important and would therefore like to offer a reward. In total 25 bonuses will be awarded. Users should use the product for an hour at least five times and then share their experiences with Invantive. The user experiences are used to improve the product and for use on the website and forums. The participants have a right to Invantive support during the test period. Director Guido Leenders of Invantive says: “We continuously work on optimizing and improving our software. We would like to know what the experience of users of our products is in 2014. People can apply through the website.”

Those interested can register at the First Time Use Improvement sign in page.