Missing Orders in Teamleader

In Teamleader we do need the orders because we have a lot of external costs in projects.

As far as we can see, there is no option to get this orders (in Teamleader under Deals).

Does this “orders” concern the screenshot shown in the URL below (Dutch)?

If so, the current status is (machine translated from Dutch):

A response from Teamleader Support has arrived (#320008):

Currently there are no API endpoints for external costs of projects or purchase orders.

The item is known as already requested feature request (see Hoe kan ik feedback geven over Teamleader Focus-functionaliteiten? : Teamleader Focus). These:

  • are brought to the attention of the developers
  • and serve as a collection point for users interested in this.

Implementation of such feature requests depends on match with Teamleader’s business vision, including cost and feasibility. It is not guaranteed that the feature will be picked up, however, the more customers express the same desire, the more likely it is that the request will be implemented.


The following workaround is offered by Teamleader Support:

You can go to purchase orders and create a segment for all purchase orders created from a project. How To: Creating Segments in Teamleader Focus
You can then create an export of these purchase orders via the ‘export’ button at the top right.

Yes it seems to be the same problem. So there is no possibility :confused:

Correct. So maintain the list manually.

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