New release Invantive Composition

Manage dynamic templates out of database with Invantive Compostion

With Invantive Composition templates can be filled in with data from the database and opened in a database, like for example budgets. The data can be edited easily in Work and restored to its position through the DMS.

Invantive Composition Advantages

Invantive Composition offers the following advantages:

  • Open a Word document in Oracle database as a BLOB or BFILE;
  • Work more effeciently because of the central management of all document templates;
  • Advanced searching in templates;
  • Overview by grouping of search results;
  • Search on entered document classifications.

There are no changes in Invantive Composition for the release 2012 r1

Invantive Composition Build 44 release 2012 r1 presentation (Dutch)