Problem itgenclr025 updating Power Bi

I have had a lot of problems updating Power BI recently. This is the error message I got to day:

Forespørselen mislyktes:
OData Versjon: 3 og 4, Feil:
Den eksterne serveren returnerte feilen (500) Intern serverfeil.
(An internal error of type ‘8E042A’ occurred.
Please contact your supplier. (itgenclr025, 60e5962c-27e3-488a-991e-2b6b45c3be9b))

The actual error can be found on Invantive Bridge Online Monitoring in the details (click on request).

In this case, it is already visible in Power BI that the error code is itgenclr025.

This is a regresssion bug (see for instance Invantive Cloud Applicatie URL lijkt niet meer te werken via Bridge Online (itgenclr025). Op Cloud werkt wel) that is expected to have been solved in production by 14:00 CET on July 10, 2024.

An improvement has been put into production on Invantive Cloud. Please try again.