StartSQL Active Campaign

Would it be possible to view the startSQL for the Active Campaign database?

The startup SQL can be found on the database definition on Invantive Cloud. See for more information: Startup SQL configurable for all Invantive Cloud users

Where do I find the code for it? I can access the startup SQL. However, I’d like to add a parameter to that query.

We are unable to understand the question given the context. Can you please detail/elaborate?

What would be the SQL code with only the filters that are used by Invantive needed to create a ‘standard’ connection with ActiveCampaign?

We are unable to understand the question given the context. Can you please detail/elaborate or provide some examples?

This requests comes after a consult with Invantive: Itgenoda035 on Active Campaign with DealActivities - 8 van smw66

After sending the deals to Active Campaign, they stated that it is possible to add a filter to you exclude loading the emails.
However, I’d like to know which code is used to retrieve the data from Active Campaign for the regular dataflows that can be used in StartSQL. So it would be possible to add the additional filter, to exclude emails.

Please see the analysis by the consultant as that already had been tested and found non-viable. It is recommended to address ActiveCampaign support on their obligations.

Filtering manually on the dataType is possible using:

However, even with filter applied, the ActiveCampaign API server does not respond within 60 seconds.

Invantive has no plans to work around this bug in the Active Campaign platform. The solution has to be provided by ActiveCampaign since the problem can easily be reproduced without Invantive SQL driver for ActiveCampaign.