Startup SQL configurable for all Invantive Cloud users

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Every database has a property called “Startup SQL.” This contains the SQL statements that must be executed when the database is opened. The Startup SQL is used to select partitions, change settings or define views, for example:

Startup SQL

The Startup SQL has always been read-only for users. Modifying it was only possible for Invantive employees. The underlying motivation were concerns about pressure on Invantive Support if many users were given direct access to SQL that could affect the operation of their database.

The transition to these forums has shown that the pressure on Invantive Support is manageable even with growing user numbers.

Editing Startup SQL has therefore now been made available to all users.

Explanation about selecting partitions can be found at Partities/administraties selecteren via het use SQL-statement.

Explanation about defining your own views can be found at Using custom database views for SQL and BI tools.