VNI authorisation dissapearing from Visma ERP API per 31/12/23

According to the Visma developer forum, they are completely removing the VNI authorisation method for connecting with Visma API. I believe Invative Cloud is still using this authorisation method. I was wondering if you were prepared for this happening. See below article.

It is known that Visma wants to switch the framework around app authentication.

Any actual work being done is postponed for some time to allow Visma to stabilize the product and ease on-boarding.

So am I understanding correctly that per 1st of January the OData function of Invantive Cloud to Visma ERP would no longer be functional? Or is it planned before then?

No, that is not the correct understanding. We plan to include the new authorisation model for, but delay actual execution till Visma has had some time to stabilize the product. The actual execution will start when it is assumed to have sufficient slack to be ready when the old authentication model is disabled.

Ah ok, thank you for clarifying. Good to hear!

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More information on moving from VNI to Visma Connect can be found at:

Migrating from ERP Integrations (VNI) to Visma Connect for