Where can I find the list of tables and fields of Teamleader?

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Teamleader offers via the V1 and V2 APIs a large number of tables and fields via Invantive SQL products such as Invantive Bridge Online with Power BI, Invantive Query Tool with SQL and Invantive Data Replicator for large environments. The starting point is that tables, table functions and fields of all APIs will become available. No distinction is made between production or BETA, but unstable APIs are not connected.

Primary Keys

Tables with similar content can be found under both the Teamleader V1 schema (Teamleader.V1.Projects) and under the Teamleader V2 schema (Teamleader.V2.Projects), but differ in terms of primary keys: Teamleader V1 uses ascending numeric numbering, Teamleader V2 works with GUIDs. The way tables in V1 can be related to the Teamleader V2 API tables are described at Relate Teamleader V1 with V2 rows (Teamleader Focus).

Data Model Documentation

Online documentation is available in HTML and PDF format for most platforms at https://documentation.invantive.com. The Teamleader online documentation can also be found here.

Query on Data Dictionary

Additionally, it is always possible to query the data dictionary of Invantive SQL after logging into Teamleader. In SystemTables@DataDictionary the available tables, table functions and views are listed. In SystemTableColumns@DataDictionary are the columns and in SystemTableFunctionParameters@DataDictionary are the table function parameters.

Custom Fields and Table Functions

More information about custom fields can be read at Teamleader Power BI views voor custom fields die meerdere waardes toestaan (Dutch) and Fix Teamleader Incorrect Custom Field Values.

Teamleader uses many table functions: tables with parameters. A table function is available for an API request with parameters. Details about table functions can be found at What are table functions and table function parameters?.

Expired Teamleader API V1 documentation.

The Teamleader API V1 documentation has been taken offline by Teamleader, but can still be found as described at Waar vind ik de Teamleader V1 API documentatie? (Dutch). The operation of requests to the V1 of the Teamleader API may expire at any time.