Cancel requests of Invantive Cloud refresh

I am getting an error mentioning I have too many requests, which I assume Invantive Cloud is giving me, as the UniversalSQL requests do work still, only the refresh requests form PBI desktop (and online) do not work.

When I open Bridge monitoring, I see over 17 pages of requests which have stopped working, but are not labeled finished. I have canceled a few, but it does not seem to help.

Could someone look into this for me?

Aanvraag mislukt:
De externe server heeft een fout geretourneerd:
(429) Too Many Requests.

What is the displayed contents of the usage statistics dashboard on Invantive Cloud or Invantive Bridge Online? See also Fair Use Daily Limits for a Better User Experience

Can you add the details from Invantive Bridge Online Monitoring of one of those failed requests, including request ID in the title?

It seems I have been going over my limit?

1 id which is erronous: 0HMUULM987KNI:00000002 (HTTP/1.1)
Status 499
Another relevant one 0HMUULM987KJ7:00000006 (HTTP/1.1)

It seems the above instances have been solved overnight, but since this morning, other requests behave the same and are again throttling.

0HMUULM987TJV:00000002 (HTTP/1.1)
0HMUULM987TGF:00000004 (HTTP/1.1)

Can anyone tell me if this has been a recent change in terms of usage limit? Before I never got the error ‘Too Many Requests’, but now it keeps happening. This has put a hold on my usage, so I would really like an update.

There have been no changes in the last weeks. However, in case you have had an exemption that might have ended. In that case, please contact your contact person at Invantive.