Error itgenoda757 being received all of a sudden on Power BI refresh of Freshdesk data

We have an issue with error code itgenoda757 when trying to refresh the data to our Freshdesk environment:

Microsoft.Mashup.Engine1.Library.Resources.HttpResource: Request failed:
OData Version: 3 and 4
Error: The remote server returned an error:
(500) Internal Server Error.
An internal system error occurred.
Please contact your supplier.
itgenoda757, 709f3b38-fc06-4dae-95a3-018174b61695))

This appears to be occurring on all tables. Any advice is appreciated.

This issue is an intern error caused by a recent change on our end. We have made a fix, but the fix will not be released during the coming two weeks.

I will discuss if we can speed up the release. I will keep you posted.

A new release that solves the issue is expected to have been taken into production by April 11, 2023. Please try again on that date.

Through a separate channel, a workaround using another release channel of Invantive Cloud has been provided.

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