Everything under control with Invantive Estate Munia

Invantive launches new release Invantive Estate for even more insight into financial management of real estate projects

Invantive introduces Invantive Estate Munia. Invantive has added features to this release to be able to even better support real estate processes. For example, users can individually set up their dashboards. In this way the software connects precisely to the specific tasks and needs of various professionals who work with it. The new release of the management software for property development is an expansion and enrichment of the existing and successful Invantive Estate, that became popular in last three years in the real estate industry.

Invantive Estate Munia is software which helps project developers to get a clear insight in the financial status of a real estate project. Because of that the costs, benefits and risks of large development projects can be checked at any time, both for the short and long term.

Invantive Estate Munia has several important new features:

  • Configurable dashboard: the dashboards showing all relevant project information at a glance become immediately available when the user opens the application. The user can set the dashboards manually, and decides in this way which data the software will show and how this data will be shown on screen.

  • Intuitive controls: the navigation menus are adapted to the features that the user uses. This way the menus are directly linked to the specific tasks that must be performed with the software.

  • Furthermore, the software offers handy buttons to navigate between key functions and remembers the last used screens in the “breadcrumb trail”, making it easy for users to return to a previous screen. Google Earth: It is possible to integrate Google Earth with project information. This gives users a visual overview of the project.

  • Often different suppliers and service providers are involved and numerous contracts need to be concluded for large real estate projects. Invantive Estate Munia provides clarity on the financial implications of decisions, commitments and contingencies. Thereby Invantive Estate Munia is easy to use for financial professionals and developers.

More information on Invantive can be found here.

About Invantive

Invantive provides solutions for real estate companies and for financial institutions in the areas of reporting and control. Solutions of Invantive provide more control, cost savings and business insights.