Free Power BI Templates

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To easily create Power BI dashboards, predefined Power BI templates (*.pbit files) can be used with predefined queries. A template forms a working dashboard after importing the data from for example Exact Online with Invantive Cloud.

Per (cloud) platform the free available Power BI templates are listed below. These templates are usable with Power BI Desktop and after publishing on The templates are free to download and are royalty free: you may modify them and redistribute or sell them.

Rapid Deployment Templates

As a starting point for consultants and self-building business professionals, we offer a number of free Power BI templates:

These templates can be used for free and suggestions and bug reports are welcome. However, they are all products made available as-is. No guarantees or maintenance are offered.

Simple Templates for Exact Online

Free sample templates are available for the following Power BI dashboards on Exact Online:

Power BI Themes

Invantive also has a number of Power BI styles available for free (so called themes). These can be found on Gratis Power BI Themes (Dutch).


To use these template, please first register an account on Invantive Cloud and then register a database as shown in the following videos:

Register account

Register database for Power BI